You can’t cure cel­lulite, but you can treat it, like this.

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H O helps treat cel­lulite.

2 Get it by eat­ing wa­ter­melon. Why it works Drink­ing wa­ter busts bloat and flushes away ex­cess salt. But Dr Howard Mu­rad, a der­ma­tol­o­gist and au­thor of The Cel­lulite So­lu­tion (St Martin’s Grif­fin; R360), sees wa­ter-rich foods as a more po­tent way to di­min­ish dim­ples. His top pick? Wa­ter­melon. It’s about 90% wa­ter, with only 192kj per cup. It also de­liv­ers vi­ta­mins A and C; two es­sen­tial an­tiox­i­dants that help main­tain skin’s thick­ness.

By fight­ing off free rad­i­cals (dam­ag­ing mol­e­cules gen­er­ated by ex­po­sure to sun­light and air pol­lu­tion), these an­tiox­i­dants pre­vent the break­down of col­la­gen, and pre­serve elastin stores, which act as your skin’s nat­u­ral filler. When the der­mis of the skin is thicker, it con­ceals lumps bet­ter.


A stim­u­lant-laced cream can tighten skin for hours. Why it works Look for

What to know about laser hair re­moval

1You’ll need sev­eral ses­sions “Hair grows in dif­fer­ent stages, so you’ll need six to 10 ses­sions,” says Car­men Ross, man­ager at Cape Town’s Luxe Laser Stu­dio. “After that, your hair won’t grow back.” An ex­tra bonus: no more of the dark shadow a cream with high lev­els of caf­feine or amino­phylline and theo­phylline, two of caf­feine’s chem­i­cal cousins. These elim­i­nate wa­ter in the con­nec­tive tis­sue, mak­ing cel­lulite less no­tice­able. Ex­fo­li­ate with a loofah or body scrub be­fore ap­ply­ing caf­feinated cream, and work it in well. “Fric­tion warms the skin, mak­ing it more re­cep­tive,” rec­om­mends dermo Dr Ranella Hirsch.

Also smart: curb your salt in­take. L’oréal sci­en­tists had test sub­jects ap­ply caf­feinated cel­lulite cream to one leg for a month and fol­low an eat­ing plan that lim­ited ex­cess salt. After four weeks, the cream-treated leg had fewer dim­ples, but cel­lulite on both legs im­proved, a clue that diet has a small but def­i­nite role.


Do car­dio to re­duce cel­lulite. Your se­cret weapon: lunges. Why it works Lunges build lean mus­cles in cel­luliteprone butts and thighs. To max­imise the ef­fects, don’t let your knees go past your toes, press the heel of your front foot into the floor and squeeze your glutes through­out, rec­om­mends per­sonal trainer Liz Dialto.

Her rou­tine: three sets of 12-20 lunges on each leg, three to four times a week. You’ll see im­prove­ments in as lit­tle as one month.


To con­ceal lumps and bumps, cre­ate a be­liev­able DIY glow with these tips. Why it works “Ex­fo­li­ate with a gen­tle body scrub,” ad­vises Jimmy Coco, the ‘tan man’ for the Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret Fash­ion Show. With a self-tan­ning spray, mist into the sink first to as­sess how quickly the prod­uct comes out. And which­ever for­mula you choose, make sure to ap­ply it in a cir­cu­lar mo­tion to avoid streaks.

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