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PIsces Love takes centre stage You may be prone to im­pulse buy­ing and com­fort eat­ing. Make an ef­fort to be dis­ci­plined and rather put your en­ergy into in­ter­ac­tions with your col­leagues, em­ploy­ees and clients, es­pe­cially around 3-4 and 30 Septem­ber, which will be an apt pe­riod for this. On the love front, this is an ex­cep­tion­ally pow­er­ful month for those who are sin­gle; you are starred to at­tract some­one via your work. In­volved? Ex­pect to be very busy with your lover. But watch out for stom­ach prob­lems caused by poor eat­ing habits.

19 Feb-20 MAR

EMINI It’s all about women What­ever your line of work, it will be af­fect­ing women on a large scale this month, so get set for fe­male in­flu­ences. Money will come and go in spon­ta­neous bursts; save where you can. You’re set to meet some­one spe­cial who is charm­ing, good-look­ing and in­tel­lec­tu­ally stim­u­lat­ing. If you’re cou­pled up, spend time to­gether in the out­doors. You’re nat­u­rally en­er­getic and this is a good time to start an ex­er­cise reg­i­men to avoid a lit­tle weight gain. And look for­ward to 23 Septem­ber when life be­comes eas­ier to han­dle.

C21 MAY-20 JUN

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