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Glamour (South Africa) - - You You You - Va­ri­ety is key

… If you still can’t ace the face swap lter on Snapchat.

… To wear flats to all of the seven wed­dings you were in­vited to this win­ter. Com­fort is key!

… If your ‘lik­ing’ on In­sta­gram in­creases af­ter a few glasses of wine. … If you fol­low ev­ery guide, howto and Youtube video, but still see no dif­fer­ence when you con­tour.

… If, when­ever you watch a ght scene in a lm, all you can think is, ‘Who’s go­ing to clean up that mess?’

… To pack for that three-day week­end like you’re trav­el­ling around Europe for three months.

… If you watch ten­nis on mute be­cause the grunts are way too awks. Um, not OK… … To steal your BFF’S boyfriend. No mat­ter how hot he is, al­ways hon­our the girl code.

I asked five friends if they’d rather date a girl who had a ‘funny’ so­cial me­dia pres­ence or a ‘hot’ one. Four said funny, and you wouldn’t want to date the guy who said hot, so there you have it.


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