Men He wants to know what?

Have you ever con­sid­ered what guys re­ally want to ask us, but don’t know how? We gave 12 men a safe space to get hon­est. These are the talks you need to have with them.

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“Why do you date bad men? Among my friends, the nice guys get over­looked and women seem to go for the hard­est chal­lenge, or set them­selves up with a player.”

– Nick, 32 “Is it OK to no­tice if a wo­man is (or isn’t) wear­ing makeup? I never know whether it’s of­fen­sive to say, ‘Your makeup looks good’ – be­cause I don’t want her to think that I’m im­ply­ing she needs it.” – Mark,22

“What shape do you re­ally want a man to be? Slim? Ath­letic? Beef­cake? Does it even mat­ter?” – Si­mon, 31

“If a man was the sec­ondary earner, would it be mas­cu­line enough? I worry that it would be­come more of an is­sue if you were plan­ning mar­riage or kids. Would you re­sent me if we had fi­nan­cial strains?” – Jerome, 32

“Is it OK if we don’t dance on a night out? It’s com­pet­i­tive and makes me sweat, but am I ‘bor­ing’ if I choose to sit out?” – Oliver, 26

“Is it ever al­right for men to cry or get emo­tional? I al­ways think that it’s one of those things peo­ple say is OK in a time when we’re striv­ing for gen­der equal­ity, but ac­tu­ally find a real turn-off.” – Daniel, 33

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