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Glamour (South Africa) - - Glamour List -

1Those strangers over there look nice. I’m go­ing to make friends with them.

2Just hav­ing a lit­tle breather here in the bath­room. It’s quite nice ac­tu­ally, cool and calm. Just go­ing to let my cheek rest against the mar­ble counter. Ah, that’s bet­ter. Sleepy now.

3Wow,he’s much more hand­some than I re­mem­ber. And if I say some­thing funny, he might just kiss me…

4Ooh, my face looks re­ally weird in this mir­ror. I want to touch it. Ooh, is that even me? I feel sad.

5So hun­gry. Where’s the toast? Where are the Kel­logg’s Frosties? Only tomato purée? It’ll do. Or how about mak­ing soup with this stock cube?

6 7Ah­mTurn up the mu­sic! Every­body dance! Hey, you – dance! goin to be bit l8ate bunt lol itss hs been suca funny night lol I radlly lve you!!!

8Ineed you to hear what I have to say. I know that we broke up two years ago, but this is un­fin­ished busi­ness. Clearly we still have feel­ings for each other. You don’t re­ally love that preg­nant woman. I know all the words to this rap! I’m so gang­ster – now hand me that mic.

10Wasthis my drink? Doesn’t mat­ter re­ally now, does it. Hmm, cham­pagne. Nice.

11Bey­oncé’s ‘Sin­gle ladies’ is so me! I know ev­ery move… or at least that one with the fists.

12Wow, this is such a cool ash­tray. Let me just slip it into my hand­bag.

13 14You15What? Who says I’m talk­ing loud? love this top? You should have this top. Re­ally, here! There you go.

You know those knick­ers that tie on the side. Well, I’m wear­ing them. Wanna see?

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