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hree­somes are al­ways sur­pris­ingly noisy,” ex­plains a young woman with ex­pe­ri­ence in this field. “Which can be off-putting at first, but then you get used to it.”

Noisy? “You know, bits slap­ping against other bits. In a three­some, there are more bits than usual. And the moan­ing! There’s lots of moan­ing be­cause peo­ple feel like they should do it like they’ve seen in a film.”

It’s a use­ful in­sight, and timely, be­cause the three­some is en­joy­ing a glo­ri­ous resur­gence. In fact, one is prob­a­bly hap­pen­ing near you right now. Of course, we are not so naive as to imag­ine that three­way frol­ics haven’t been go­ing on since we were wear­ing re­veal­ing fur pelts and rol­lick­ing around on cave floors, but the new mil­len­nium trend for more-harder-faster does seem to have re­sulted in in­creased naugh­ti­ness and bound­ary-push­ing. Plus, in this age of the self-con­fes­sional and the selfie, peo­ple are just more will­ing to spill. Three­somes may have been hap­pen­ing be­fore; we were just less likely to know about them.

So, chances are, who­ever you are and wher­ever you live, you’ve thought about it. And then you’ve thought, ‘Who with? How do I ask them? Who starts? And isn’t kiss­ing one per­son while fid­dling with an­other per­son like try­ing to pat your head while rub­bing your tummy?’

Stop right there. You can’t be uptight about a three­some. It’s not a mil­i­tary ma­noeu­vre. The key is spon­tane­ity. You might have tum­bled into bed with two friends af­ter a birth­day party

A highly sci­en­tific sur­vey of three­somes

Of GLAM­OUR read­ers have had a three­some. The av­er­age length of a three­some is

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