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Dot star con­fetti onto your skin with a tiny dab of eye­lash glue.

1Brushy­our hair straight back. Take a big sec­tion and di­vide into an up­per and lower part.

2Tieeach sec­tion into two pony­tails that sit just be­low each other.

3Divide­the up­per pony­tail in half and pull the lower pony­tail through the mid­dle of the strands.

4Pinthe sin­gle pony­tail to your head with a hair clamp (as shown) or else get your model to hold it down.

5Takethe two parts and add hair from the sides. Keep as­sem­bling un­til you have one thick strand.

6Re­peat­steps three to five un­til you reach the neck and all hair has been added.

7Con­tin­ueall the way down with­out adding hair. No need for an elas­tic at each sec­tion – it will hold.

8Pul­lon the out­side of the braid to make it look big­ger. This will also help con­ceal all of the elas­tic bands in­side.

This is prob­a­bly one of the pret­ti­est braids ever. The small loops and knots make this style unique, and give it a ro­man­tic and whim­si­cal feel. Al­though the tech­nique is chal­leng­ing to grasp, the re­sults are ab­so­lutely worth it.

Dif­fi­cult Bobby pins, hair­spray 10 min­utes

1Brushy­our hair straight back. Take the top sec­tion of hair and di­vide it in half.

2Takea strand from the right of the sec­tion, cross it over the right half and un­der the left.

3Takea strand from the far left side and cross it un­der the strand, over the left and un­der the right. Have your model hold it.

4Ad­dthe strand your model is hold­ing to the sec­tion clos­est to it.

5Con­tin­uesteps three to seven all the way down to the neck or un­til there is no more hair to add. Tie.

6Takea small strand of hair and wrap it around the elas­tic so that it cov­ers it. Fas­ten the strand with a few bobby pins.

Dan­ish teens Laura Kristine Ar­ne­sen and Marie Moes­gaard Wivel be­came an In­sta­gram sen­sa­tion in 2013. In their sec­ond book, Favourite Braids (Tafel­berg Pub­lish­ers; R180), the au­thors take their plait­ing skills to the next level and show off their easy, heat-free curl­ing tech­niques and tricks, three of which are fea­tured here.

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