Hey, it’s OK…

Glamour (South Africa) - - Glamour 2017 March -

… To feel proud of your ‘rest­ing bitch face’. Who said that you have to smile all the time?

… To watch Mean Girls for the tenth time in­stead of the in­die film ev­ery­one swears will win 12 Os­cars. Movies aren’t home­work.

… If you still pre­fer thongs to the newly trendy granny panties. It’s not like panty lines sud­denly got solved.

… If you’ve been on five dates and still don’t have his num­ber saved. He has to earn that place in your con­tacts!

… If you don’t see the ap­peal of morn­ing sex. (When ex­actly are you sup­posed to brush your teeth?)

… To roll your eyes at any­one who says hash­tag out loud in con­ver­sa­tion. Hash­tag-an­noy­ing!

… To un­fol­low the fren­emy who posts daily pho­tos of her new boyfriend. Don’t in­vite the crazy in!

Ummm, not OK… … If you’re only wear­ing a thong be­cause your boyfriend prefers it. Let him buy one if he likes it so much!

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