So… kids?

When did this in­cred­i­bly per­sonal de­ci­sion be­come ev­ery­one else’s busi­ness? Eleven women share how they made their choices

Glamour (South Africa) - - Glamour 2017 March -

My beauty pri­or­i­ties There used to be cer­tain stan­dards and ex­pec­ta­tions of what beauty meant – a cer­tain shape, nose, hair – but as a cul­ture we have evolved and be­come more em­brac­ing of the truth that beauty comes in a lot of shapes, forms and colours. We have a long way to go, but it is bet­ter. My hair MO I use a lot of heat on my hair when I’m work­ing, so when I’m off duty, I just use a leave-in conditioner and wear it nat­u­ral. Hollywood and so­ci­ety is way more ac­cept­ing now of nat­u­ral hair! My role mod­els When I was grow­ing up, you had to choose whether you wanted to be smart or pretty; you couldn’t be both. We’re re­ally lucky in this gen­er­a­tion be­cause we have role mod­els like Sh­eryl Sand­berg, Marissa Mayer and Michelle Obama, who aren’t afraid to be both. They’re su­per fash­ion-for­ward and suc­cess­ful, and they aren’t go­ing to apol­o­gise for it. My best de-stress­ing tip My mother’s a re­tired pro­fes­sor, and she’s very el­e­gant, but she wasn’t into beauty rit­u­als ex­cept a weekly man­i­cure. It’s how she was good to her­self, less about the beauty world and more about ‘me time’. My brow and nail phi­los­o­phy When my eye­brows and nails are done, I feel good about my­self what­ever I’m wear­ing. I talk a lot with my hands, so nails are im­por­tant to me. They’re also a char­ac­ter de­ci­sion for Olivia: when she got kid­napped, I stopped do­ing man­i­cures be­cause I thought, as part of her PTSD, she couldn’t take care of her­self in the same way. When she was em­pow­er­ing her­self again, I started wear­ing bright pol­ish. My power fra­grance When I was play­ing Anita Hill [in HBO’S Con­fir­ma­tion], I asked her what she wore at the time; it was Lancôme Tré­sor. It re­ally put me in that time and in her con­ser­va­tive ele­gance.

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