The burning one

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Al­right, I know that I’m go­ing to sound a bit like your mom here (OK, a mom who’s a bit TMI), but if there’s one sex­ual prepa­ra­tion you re­ally should not scrimp on, it’s wash­ing your hands.

In fact, you sim­ply cannot wash your hands enough be­fore you have sex if you’ve han­dled spices, chilli or, in my case, Deep Heat. Yes, the back-pain cream with ac­tual flames on the pack­ag­ing is not cli­torally com­pat­i­ble. You feel hot­ter, tinglier, too hot, too tingly, then ar­rrggghh, weep­ing. If bits-burn hap­pens to you, use cold wa­ter lib­er­ally – I sat on a wet flan­nel for about 30 min­utes (no doubt an im­age that re­ally con­sol­i­dated my part­ner’s de­sire). And, for the love of sex­ual func­tion, do get med­i­cal ad­vice if you’re wor­ried – or melt­ing.

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