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Bloat­ing, ab­dom­i­nal cramps, con­sti­pa­tion or di­ar­rhoea. Not fun. And while IBS can have many causes, in­clud­ing stress, cer­tain foods can also be trig­gers and fix­ers.

+ Mush­rooms We’re talk­ing magic mush­rooms, but not that kind – mush­rooms that have been grown un­der UV rays to in­crease their vi­ta­min D con­tent. The lat­est stud­ies have linked IBS symp­toms with vi­ta­min D de­fi­ciency. Just three of these gives you the daily in­take you need.

- FODMAPS That’s fer­mentable car­bo­hy­drates found in foods. “When gut bac­te­ria feed on FODMAPS, they cre­ate gas, caus­ing symp­toms like bloat­ing,” ex­plains Erin. In one trial, re­mov­ing this food group re­duced IBS symp­toms in 74% of sub­jects. The catch? The list of FODMAP foods is huge. But don’t panic – you’re un­likely to re­act to them all, and the app FODMAP by FM (avail­able on An­droid and IOS) will help you through the elim­i­na­tion process.

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