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Al­ready ditched the late-night cof­fee but still awake at 2am? Stud­ies have shown that there’s a food fix for that, too.

+ Tart cherry juice Your ticket to rais­ing sleep hor­mone mela­tonin. Drink­ing a serv­ing in the morn­ing and two hours be­fore bed in­creases sleep by 90 min­utes a night.

+ Salmon Add the oily fish (you could also use tuna, an­chovies or sar­dines) to your bas­ket and Omega-3-boosted chicken (poultry fed on Omega-3-heavy al­gae to change their nu­tri­tional make-up). “Our stud­ies have found that the DHA in Omgea-3 fats

might help with the re­lease of mela­tonin or sim­ply lower anx­i­ety and aid­ing sleep,” says Dr Paul Mont­gomery, Pro­fes­sor of psy­cho-so­cial in­ter­ven­tion.

- Junk food Just one day of eat­ing foods low in fi­bre and high in sugar and fat was enough to see peo­ple tak­ing 12 min­utes longer to fall asleep, say ex­perts. “This com­bi­na­tion ini­tially low­ers en­ergy and then trig­gers a rise in blood glu­cose and stress hor­mones that can last for hours,” says Erin.

“If you feel per­sis­tently lethar­gic, see a health­care prac­ti­tioner. It’s of­ten all about get­ting a bal­anced diet, well stocked in iron and vi­ta­min B.” – Peter Cox

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