“I got ac­tual sleep – eight hours of it!”

Glamour (South Africa) - - Beauty/Skin - – Christina Mueller

“Are you OK? Do you have al­ler­gies?” This is Mary, the lovely woman at my laun­dro­mat. A kin­der per­son doesn’t ex­ist, so if she notes my hag­gard face and blood­shot eyes, the is­sue is real. And the is­sue is lack of sleep. I’m a chron­i­cally tired mother of a three-year-old, and I av­er­age six to seven hours a night – some­times dip­ping down to five.

My goal for this as­sign­ment is at least eight hours sleep, and if less, to nap the next day. Week one, I loved naps. They’re easy be­cause I work at home and you could see the rest in my face for hours af­ter. By week two I was deal­ing with the con­se­quence of naps: I’d been tired so long that turn­ing off my brain at 10pm when I was well rested felt like a mind trick. Keep­ing naps to an hour helped, as did aro­mather­apy. I’d dab sleep rem­edy oil on a tis­sue and take 10 breaths. The ef­fect was pretty much im­me­di­ate.

In two weeks, I was bright-eyed, my skin was good, in­flam­ma­tion and break­outs faded. Mary no­ticed (“You must be feel­ing bet­ter!”). You want the ul­ti­mate tip of all time for how to look less tired? Here it is: be less tired.

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