Hey, it’s OK…

… To Google all the acronyms you see on so­cial me­dia be­cause you can’t work out what the hell they mean. IYKWIM, any­one?!

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… To post throw­back pics of your mom, gran, and heck, even your friend’s mom on Mother’s Day. Share the love, peo­ple. … To think that Adele is more in touch with your feel­ings than you could ever be. … To freak out that ev­ery­one is hav­ing kids or get­ting mar­ried while you strug­gle to com­mit to a hand­bag. … To send a friend re­quest to the hot guy at work, even though you’ve never spo­ken to each other. … If you have a very spe­cific way of eat­ing a Cad­bury Creme Egg and shame any­one who does it dif­fer­ently (we’re look­ing at you, lit­tle- nger users). … To greet a friend with a one-cheek kiss, only to end up meet­ing in the mid­dle when she goes for two. What’s a ca­sual smooch be­tween two good friends? … If that ‘quick catch-up’ turns into a night-long DMC, spon­sored by Pinot Gri­gio.

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