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12 Been-there, done-that life fails

1 Pre­tend­ing you love French New Wave cin­ema to im­press some­one, then slowly re­al­is­ing that À bout de souf­fle is not a dish on Masterchef.

2 Go­ing out for pizza in a body­con dress. 3 Think­ing that two-for-one promo on cof­fee-flavoured vodka was a great idea. Why would it be a great idea?

4 Cry­ing more than any breakup when your cat is di­ag­nosed with some­thing bad.

5 Cut­ting your own hair. Well, hello, Lego lady. 6 Drink­ing loads of cof­fee then hav­ing a spectacular caf­feine panic at­tack at work.

7 Ac­ci­den­tally send­ing that photo of you erot­i­cally eat­ing a ba­nana to… your mom.

8 Buy­ing a pretty bra without try­ing it on, then turn­ing up to a night out with four boobs.

9 Choos­ing the soggy-and-smellier-than-usual tuna salad, in­stead of the plough­man’s sand­wich for lunch. Yep, day ru­ined.

10 Post­ing a selfie with your over­flow­ing un­der­wear drawer in the back­ground. No fil­ter on Earth can dis­guise those grey granny pants.

11 Throw­ing out your child­hood My Lit­tle Pony toy, which is now worth R8 000 on ebay.

12 Swearily vent­ing about your job on Twitter be­fore re­mem­ber­ing your boss fol­lows you. #fired

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