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“I was ab­sti­nent in high school. I had the ul­ti­mate teen-movie boyfriend – a strong-jawed ath­lete – but I found it easy to re­frain from sex. In uni­ver­sity I re­alised why: I was a les­bian. Not sleep­ing with men came eas­ily to me. The first woman I kissed be­came my first girl­friend. We were the only out les­bians at our Catholic school’s com­mence­ment ball.

“In time I’d go on to date all kinds of women, start­ing with An­gelina Jolie looka­likes and end­ing with a wife who re­sem­bles James Dean. That’s one perk of com­ing out in a time and place when it wasn’t OK to be queer: I didn’t have pre­con­ceived no­tions about what I should like or do. I learnt to be open, to try things and to trust my body.

“And that’s my goal for you: I hope you sur­prise your­self. I hope you open your­self to the pos­si­bil­ity of part­ners, toys and po­si­tions you never dreamt of try­ing. There’s so much you can fig­ure out about your­self if you give your­self a chance.” – Cameron Es­pos­ito, come­di­enne

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