Your skin is de­hy­drated

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With­out mois­ture, your skin looks dull, but the prob­lem is deeper than you may re­alise. And we mean that lit­er­ally. “Loss of hy­dra­tion from be­low the skin’s sur­face – in the der­mis and the lower lev­els of the epi­der­mis – causes de­creases in the thick­ness of the skin,” says Dr Ze­ich­ner. “Think of a de­flated bal­loon: it doesn’t shine as well as an in­flated one.”


Pat on a hyaluronic acid serum with damp fin­gers to drive mois­ture deep into skin. Then layer a mois­turiser with pow­er­ful emol­lients, like cetyl al­co­hol or dime­thicone. “Emol­lients cre­ate a thin, trans­par­ent film over the skin’s sur­face,” says der­ma­tol­ogy pro­fes­sor Dr Zoe Diana Drae­los. That film will help skin cells lie flat and re­flect light.

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