How to ˆnally feel good about your body

Show your body some love with this brave-body yoga chal­lenge.

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Brave-body yoga chal­lenge

“We want women to work out be­cause they love their body, not hate it,” says per­sonal trainer Lind­sey Clay­ton. That’s why, three years ago, she and fel­low trainer Am­ber Rees founded on­line fit­ness pro­gram Brave Body Project ( brave­bodypro­ to teach health and fit­ness to women, and re­train how they think and feel about their bodies.

First step? This work­out, which com­bines tough yoga poses with body-pos­i­tive mantras. Try it four times a week for a month, and build your body con­fi­dence and feel good in your skin.

1Start on all fours, with your legs and your knees com­fort­ably apart. Arch your back and drop your stom­ach. In­hale, fo­cus­ing on a part of your body that you’re happy with. As you round your back, ex­hale, and con­sciously try to re­lease any neg­a­tive thoughts you have. Do this five times.

2Tuck your toes and pull your hips up to the ceil­ing

in a Down­ward Dog po­si­tion. Roll your body for­ward into a high plank po­si­tion. While you feel your core fire up, take a mo­ment to ap­pre­ci­ate the strength of your body and what it’s do­ing now. (Be­cause planks are su­per hard!)

3Slowly come down to your el­bows, then go back up to your hands. Do this five times, end­ing in a fore­arm plank. Think to your­self, ‘I am re­silient.’ Rest briefly in a Down­ward Dog po­si­tion, then do five more rounds, al­ter­nat­ing be­tween fore­arm and high planks, re­peat­ing to your­self, “I have power.”

4Re­turn into Down­ward Dog. Do 10 push-ups.

5Come up to the top of your mat, rolling up into a stand­ing po­si­tion. Take five breaths to re­peat a word that res­onates with you: brave, beau­ti­ful, bril­liant, re­spect, wor­thy – your choice.

6Place your feet hip-width apart and do 10 squats, hold­ing the last one at the bot­tom. Hold for as long as it takes to say to your­self, “I am strong.” Do this 10 times.

7Come down into a plank po­si­tion for a round of burpees – drop your chest down to the floor, then push back up into a plank. Jump up to the front of the mat and bring your feet be­tween your hands, then jump up to stand. Re­peat this nine times. It might sound silly, but smile the whole time. Find the joy in some­thing you’d nor­mally con­sider work – it’s all about how you’ll make work­ing out feel more en­joy­able to you.

8Fin­ish by stand­ing at the top of your mat. Bring your hands to the cen­tre of your chest, close your eyes and thank your­self, us­ing what­ever word in­spired you most dur­ing the en­tire yoga process. Now go out and kick some butt to­day.

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