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A crash course on the lan­guage of lip fillers.

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cc: Cu­bic cen­time­tre, the vol­ume mea­sure­ment most doc­tors use to de­scribe how much filler they are us­ing. Most sy­ringes hover just un­der or above 1cc – but you will pay per sy­ringe, not per cu­bic cen­time­tre). Sub­tle lip en­hance­ment usu­ally re­quires about ¼ to ½cc. hyaluronidase: A chem­i­cal that dis­solves hyaluronic acid fillers. In other words: a safety net if your in­jec­tor goes a lit­tle over­board with the filler. hyaluronic acid: Not an ac­tual acid – it’s a sugar that plumps skin by hold­ing 1 000 times its weight in wa­ter. This is the filler it­self, the stuff you’re get­ting in­jected into your lips. Dif­fer­ent ver­sions have dif­fer­ent molec­u­lar weights (some are big­ger and bet­ter for vol­ume, and oth­ers are smaller and more sub­tle). It’s nat­u­rally found in hu­man joints for lu­bri­ca­tion, and is used by or­thopaedic sur­geons. Ju­vé­derm Vol­bella/ ul­tra: The hyaluronic acid filler comes in sev­eral va­ri­eties, two of which are great for the lips. Ju­vé­derm Vol­bella XC is a soft, flex­i­ble filler that’s sup­posed to last up to a year. Most last about six months in the lips. The firmer Ju­vé­derm Ul­tra XC is pre­ferred among big­ger-is-bet­ter filler fans. li­do­caine: An anaes­thetic in­cluded in many filler for­mu­las to min­imise the pinch of in­jec­tion. You can en­joy it in Ju­vé­derm Vol­bella and Ul­tra, Resty­lane Silk and Re­fyne, and more. resty­lane: The orig­i­nal hyaluronic acid filler has now spawned a whole fam­ily. Resty­lane Silk, a soft filler said to last six months to one year, is the go-to for lips. There’s also Resty­lane Re­fyne for lines, and Resty­lane-l, a firmer filler that some doc­tors like for Cupid’s bow en­hance­ment. For what it’s worth, ex­perts say the brand of filler doesn’t mat­ter nearly as much as the per­son in­ject­ing it, so it’s best to de­fer to your doc­tor. Bee sting: What 99% of doc­tors say get­ting in­jected with filler feels like. So, not awe­some, but not ter­ri­ble. the ver­mil­ion bor­der:

An­other name for your lip line. Der­ma­tol­o­gists have started to in­ject here for more de­fined lips. Fat: Some doc­tors will plump lips us­ing fat – it’s thicker than fillers, so it’s more dra­matic, and it can last for months or years, de­pend­ing on how it’s in­jected. “You can’t just take it off a shelf,” says der­ma­tol­o­gist Dr Jes­sica Wu. “You need to have li­po­suc­tion first. Also, there’s more swelling and bruis­ing with fat than with other fillers.”

“A tech­nique for in­ject­ing Bo­tox with wa­ter is al­ready be­gin­ning beta test­ing, and I could see that hap­pen­ing for fillers down the road.”

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