How to stay safe while driv­ing in the rain

Driv­ing in wet weather con­di­tions can be haz­ardous. And with sum­mer’s rain­fall weather al­most upon us, th­ese tips will keep you safe dur­ing the rainy weather.

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• Give your­self more travel time so you can avoid rush­ing through the bad weather. • Ad­just your speed to suit the con­di­tions. How­ever, don’t slow down un­nec­es­sar­ily, as this can be just as dan­ger­ous as speed­ing. • Don’t use cruise con­trol. • Turn on your head­lights. • Brake ear­lier and with a lot

more cau­tion. • Avoid wa­ter which has pooled on the roads. But if this isn’t pos­si­ble for you, drive through it slowly in case there is hid­den de­bris or pot­holes. • Leave more fol­low­ing space. • Driv­ing reck­lessly and speed­ing in­creases chances of hy­droplan­ing (when the tyres of the car be­gin to ride on top of the wa­ter in­stead of the road). • If you do end up hy­droplan­ing, slowly lift your foot from the ac­cel­er­a­tor, but don’t brake harshly or move your steer­ing wheel vi­o­lently.

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