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Manie re­mem­bers a tour to Botswana in the eight­ies in this month’s Reader Story.

What’s the best place in the bush you’ve ever vis­ited?

The old camp un­der the Ana trees up the banks of the Cunene River in the Marien­fluss, be­fore there was a com­mu­nity camp. Also sleep­ing on top of a sand dune un­der the stars in the Hart­mann Val­ley, but only if the wind isn’t blow­ing.

What is your num­ber one travel tip?

Plain, sim­ple elas­tic bands. Take a packet with you, they help with all the small nig­gles and ir­ri­ta­tions on tour – from ty­ing your cam­era’s spare bat­tery down in a strate­gic place to seal­ing a half-eaten bag of peanuts.

Do you plan your trips in de­tail or just go with the flow?

I try to read up as much as pos­si­ble about our route and the des­ti­na­tion, and plan thor­oughly ac­cord­ing to that. But a trip also needs a cer­tain amount of flex­i­bil­ity, and es­pe­cially if it’s your first one to a spe­cific des­ti­na­tion.

Which des­ti­na­tion in South­ern Africa would you like to visit?

I’d love to see the South Luangwa Na­tional Park in Zam­bia again, as well as the Ngoron­goro Crater.

Do you have a favourite travel writer?

Jo­han Bakkes and ev­ery­thing in Drive Out. I’ve also read two books on Liv­ing­stone. It’s amaz­ing how peo­ple use to travel back then. Ev­ery­thing was so prim­i­tive!

What mu­sic do you lis­ten to on the road?

Any­thing with a good tune.

On my bucket list…

A ca­noe trip over a good few days down the Zam­bezi River.

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