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Tar road brak­ing: A tyre’s brak­ing abil­ity is di­rectly re­lated to its phys­i­cal grip. In other words, if a tyre has high grip lev­els it will achieve good brak­ing dis­tances. Al­though all-ter­rain tyres are used for dirt roads and off-road, most peo­ple still drive on tar more than 50% of the time. Three emer­gency stops were made at a speed of 100 km/h and the av­er­age of the three dis­tances was cal­cu­lated. Dirt road brak­ing: With this we could de­ter­mine how much grip a tyre has on a dirt road. We did three emer­gency stops at 70 km/h and an av­er­age was cal­cu­lated. Climb test: Here we crawled a slope of be­tween 30 and 40 de­grees in first gear, low range. We started with all tyres on 1.5 bar and grad­u­ally in­creased to 2.2 bar. If a 2.2-bar tyre could climb with­out los­ing trac­tion it would get full marks. Side­wall pen­e­tra­tion test: With this we looked at how much re­sis­tance a tyre pro­vides against a sharp ob­ject jabbed into the shoul­der part of the side­wall. We punc­tured each tyre three times while it was pumped up at a pres­sure of 2.0 bars.

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