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When we did this test four years ago, the Gen­eral Grab­ber AT2 was the win­ner, with the Goodyear AT/SA in fourth place. The BF Goodrich T/A didn’t fare well and the Hankook Dy­napro was third. The re­sult is proof that the Goodyear and BF Goodrich tyres are not only con­sid­er­ably bet­ter than their pre­de­ces­sors but also that our new test – where we mea­sure how re­sis­tant the side­walls, and specif­i­cally the shoul­ders, are against pen­e­tra­tion – paints a dif­fer­ent pic­ture than if you, for ex­am­ple put a racing driver in a bakkie and mea­sure lap times around the course or if you drove on sand all day. We know the BF Goodrich doesn’t have high grip lev­els on tar and that it is quite noisy. So if you’re go­ing to be driv­ing on tar all day it’s prob­a­bly not the best choice. But if you do mostly off-road driv­ing, it’s prob­a­bly the best tyre money can buy. But this is an all-ter­rain test and that’s why the Goodyear Ad­ven­ture re­ally im­pressed us. It not only won the tar road brak­ing test but was also the joint win­ner for the dirt road brak­ing test, to­gether with the Yoko­hama Ge­olan­der A/T-S. And with the side­wall pen­e­tra­tion test it was also not far be­hind the tough-as-nails BF Goodrich. In ad­di­tion, the new Goodyear also has Kevlar, a ma­te­rial used for bul­let­proof vests, in the tread. That’s why we be­lieve this Goodyear is a wor­thy win­ner of our all-ter­rain shootout.

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