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Many camp­ing mattresses are quite bulky, and those slen­der self-in­flat­ing mattresses that hik­ers use feel like they’ve been de­signed with prison in­mates in mind. This self­in­flat­able mat­tress from Tentco looks – and feels – great, mak­ing it a superb trade-off be­tween size and com­fort. The top is cov­ered in a suede­like ma­te­rial, which will pre­vent you from slid­ing off the mat­tress (try sleep­ing on a slip­pery mat­tress on even the gen­tlest of slopes…). Once it’s rolled up, it’s the same di­am­e­ter as a lit­tle side plate and it weighs so lit­tle your bakkie won’t even no­tice it. PRICE: R925 CON­TACT:

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