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Even though the de­sign and lay­out of off-road car­a­vans are pretty stan­dard, you of­ten do see dif­fer­ent nosecones. One of the more prac­ti­cal in­ven­tions is a nosecone on the A-frame with a door on either side. Hannes prefers the chest type, and while the body of the trailer is cov­ered in alu­minium sheets, the en­tire nosecone is made of fi­bre­glass. It’s fit­ted onto an A-frame and has a cover that you can lift up. That’s also where you can see stor­age space is very im­por­tant to Hannes. The nosecone is more than big enough for a car­a­van of this size, and it’s just what you need for all the loose camp­ing good­ies. On the long­est side the mea­sure­ments are 110 x 68 cm, and there’s space for every­thing from loose pegs and straps to a ground sheet and axe. The elec­tri­cal socket for a cord from the Bateleur’s to the camp­site’s socket is mounted on the left-hand side at the nosecone’s lid.

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