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The Bateleur is small for an of­froad car­a­van, but it has one of the big­gest doors you’ll find on a trailer this size (68 cm wide). A step that’s slightly wider than the door folds down so the door can open. You’ll find this type of step in some other car­a­vans, but it’s so handy and prac­ti­cal, it’s dif­fi­cult to un­der­stand why it’s not more com­mon. Be­cause the step folds up over the door it also gives you ex­tra peace of mind be­cause this de­sign en­sures there’s no chance of the door open­ing while you’re driv­ing. There’s a jerry can on both sides of the door, and the gas bot­tle is un­derneath the left can. The door has a small hole for a hook to keep it open, in case the wind blows. When you open the door you see an­other one of Hannes’s clever tricks: On the in­side of the door there’s a large can­vas bag with a zip – al­most like those gar­ment bags busi­ness peo­ple use to trans­port their suits. If you need to cre­ate your own shade around the trailer, a 270-de­gree awning folds out from the kitchen side to the back door. >

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