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10 out of 10 for Jo­han Hat­tingh’s let­ter in the June is­sue of WegSleep where he asks where all the old caravans are. We camp with a 1987 Wilk Topaz that we tow with a 1999 Mercedes-Benz. Both have many miles on them, but we have no cause for com­plaint. We did, how­ever, mod­ify the car­a­van a bit to make it more mod­ern. The two sin­gle beds and ham­mock­type beds made way for a com­fort­able is­land bed. The sit­ting area was suf­fi­cient, but we got rid of all the gas in the kitchen. We also made room for a big­ger fridge, a mi­crowave, and an elec­tric stove. We said good­bye to the bath­room and in its place we now have a proper cup­board with loads of space to pack and hang our clothes. On the out­side we re­placed the rear win­dow with a solid panel and mounted car­a­van movers. I also added a rear-view cam­era at the back. With these im­prove­ments our old car­a­van stays new. PE­DRO AND MAGDALEEN NIE­MAND Pretoria

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