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I de­signed a bracket that locks my car­a­van to my ve­hi­cle as soon as I hitch it. It fits right be­low the top part of the tow bar and I also have a chain that fits over the cou­pler’s han­dle. You can also just use the lock and lock it to the cou­pler so that no one can try to un­hitch your car­a­van. It didn’t cost much be­cause I al­ready had all the ma­te­ri­als. This in­cluded a small nut and bolt as well as the lock. The two wash­ers and chain were R20 at a hard­ware store. I cut a sec­tion – about a quar­ter – out of each washer, turned this piece around, and drilled in a small hole. These loose parts I welded back on to the wash­ers but so that the hole faces away from the washer. I put the two wash­ers on top of each other and on the part on the other side of the hole I drilled in a big­ger hole through both wash­ers. You can fit a bolt through this as well as one part of the chain. These two wash­ers look like a bracket where the two parts sep­a­rate so that it fits over a tow bar. The lock fits into the two holes that are now on top of each other as well as the other side of the chain – ev­ery­thing nice and safe. I also made a plan so that it’s eas­ier to ex­tend the cor­ner stead­ies to the ground. I bought a sec­ond­hand 19 mm socket for R10 and welded it onto the top of a 10 mm steel bar. This fits into my cord­less drill and the has­sle with the han­dle is in the past.

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