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In South Africa a VHF ra­dio (which stands for Very High Fre­quency) sends and re­ceives be­tween 136 MHz and 174 Mhz (mega­hertz). With an av­er­age wave length of 155 MHz, the sine wave is elon­gated and flat, which keeps the sig­nal co­he­sive over large dis­tances, mak­ing it ideal for of­froad­ers who want to com­mu­ni­cate over sev­eral kilo­me­tres. UHF ra­dio (Ul­tra High Fre­quency) works be­tween 430 MHz and 470 MHz in South Africa. This wave length has a more com­pact sine wave, which more eas­ily pen­e­trates ob­sta­cles like build­ings, but at the cost of a re­duced broad­cast range. It there­fore works better in a con­struc­tion site than on the plains of the Marien­fluss, un­less you’re driv­ing in con­voy.

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