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I re­fer to the ar­ti­cle about bull bars in the June is­sue and would like to share my thoughts.

If you look at the con­di­tions on our roads, I would se­ri­ously con­sider putting a bull bar on my Ford Ranger. Ev­ery­one has the right to pro­tect their prop­erty.

I see a bull bar as an item that will lessen dam­age to my ve­hi­cle if I’m in an ac­ci­dent.

Just look at the roads in the Pon­gola area. There are no fences next to the road and an­i­mals walk around freely. The same goes for the Klerks­dorp area. On the N12 west there are no fences on ei­ther side of the road and cat­tle and goats walk across the road. You also have to be care­ful in the north. There are quite a few game farms and re­serves and a kudu will think noth­ing of jump­ing over a high fence.

These things aren’t rel­e­vant in, say, Europe. The big­gest (mov­ing) dan­ger are pedes­tri­ans and maybe a dog or two. So hav­ing a bull bar there doesn’t make sense. The au­thor­i­ties must first do their bit and also put up fences to pro­tect law-abid­ing road users. Then some­one can point a fin­ger and say I’m not al­lowed to pro­tect my ve­hi­cle with a bull bar. Re­gard­ing hit­ting a pedes­trian with a bull bar: Why should my ve­hi­cle sus­tain more dam­age with­out a bull bar when I ad­here to the rules of the road and an ir­re­spon­si­ble pedes­trian doesn’t?

LEON COETZEE Cen­tu­rion

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