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On the right side of the Bosluis 2, in front be­hind the top door, is a gas shower that de­liv­ers 6 ℓ flow of hot water per minute. There’s enough room next to the shower in the com­part­ment to store a folded-up shower tent. Un­der­neath the top cup­board is a hatch that opens down­wards. There is a deep cav­ity with a 95 ℓ stain­less steel water tank with its own au­to­matic water pump in­side.

The tank pro­vides water for the shower and taps at the back of the Bosluis 2. To the right of the cup­boards there is an elec­tric socket so you can con­nect the Bosluis to a camp­site’s elec­tric­ity sup­ply. Un­der­neath the socket is a filler hole for the water tank. Right at the bot­tom, on both sides of the rear wheel, are two tool­boxes in which you can lock your camp­ing gear.

The big­gest door panel folds down­wards and pulls a tent from within the shell. This is where you sleep.

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When you fold out the tent in which you sleep and the roof pops up, there’s more than enough room to move in­side the Bosluis 2, es­pe­cially to get dressed. The dou­ble bed (mat­tresses sup­plied) is to your right and you sleep with your up­per body in the pop-out tent and your feet in­side the hull. On the right flank of the Bosluis 2’s in­te­rior are three com­part­ments, each with shelves and can­vas cov­ers that close with Vel­cro. These are big enough for clothes and shoes. In front, clos­est to the bakkie’s cabin, is a drawer for pri­vate items. The drawer can’t lock, though, and also doesn’t have a latch to se­cure it. The drawer of­ten slides open while the ve­hi­cle is mov­ing, spilling its con­tents out onto the floor. Above the drawer there’s space for a lap­top and other odds and sods, and above and be­hind this there’s ex­tra stor­age space for linen as well as camp­ing and pho­tog­ra­phy gear.

At the back, next to the en­trance door, is an­other com­part­ment with a can­vas flap for tow­els and toi­letries. This is also where you’ll find the dual bat­tery mon­i­tor sys­tem’s con­trol panel. Next to the switches and the charge in­di­ca­tor there are 220 V twoand three-pin sock­ets plus a 12 V Hella and USB socket. The 12 V sup­ply comes from the dual bat­tery sys­tem that’s charged by the bakkie’s en­gine or an op­tional 140 W so­lar panel (R7 885), while the 220 V sup­ply comes from the camp­site. >


The Bosluis 2’s en­trance is at the rear, and you need gi­raf­fe­like legs to reach it. Luck­ily, Bush Lapa sup­plies an Addis steplad­der, but if you put your foot down wrong or you weigh more than 100 kg, the plas­tic step prob­a­bly won’t last long. Like with the other ex­te­rior hatches and doors, the en­trance door has a rub­ber seal to keep dust out. Al­though it looks durable, you can’t help but won­der how long it’ll last if it keeps get­ting foot traf­fic. To the left of the door are hot and cold taps and a bracket for a sup­port frame for two basins. To the right of the door is a gas bot­tle and a sec­ond spare wheel. You have to re­move the gas bot­tle from its bracket first and then con­nect it to the gas pipe sys­tem if you want to use the gas stove or geyser for hot water.

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