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I would like to share my story about a visit to Kaokoland. We drove in two ve­hi­cles, but be­tween Opuwo and the Mar­ble Camp we hit a snag. The one ve­hi­cle’s steer­ing arm had bro­ken – the bolt that held it all to­gether had fallen out. We were lucky and found it about 10 yards back in the road, but the thread was stripped and couldn’t be tight­ened. For­tu­nately, we were able to make a plan and tied the two pieces to­gether where the bolt had been with a ski rope. We car­ried on, but pulled over ev­ery now and again to make sure the rope stayed put.

This de­ba­cle de­layed our jour­ney and we ar­rived late at our overnight stop, Mar­ble Camp. The camp­site was full, but some­one was will­ing to share their stand with us. They were so friendly, they even of­fered to share their braai fire with us.

Ini­tially, we had planned to drive over Van Zyl’s Pass, but luck­ily de­cided against that en­deav­our. We wouldn’t have made it with a bro­ken steer­ing arm.

The steer­ing arm had to be fixed, but our only op­tion was to drive on cau­tiously. We checked the rope reg­u­larly while head­ing to Swakop­mund where we hoped to find help. Mean­while, we reached the lit­tle town of Uis and called a car dealer in Swakop­mund in ad­vance to find out whether they had the part in stock. Un­for­tu­nately, they didn’t and a new one from South Africa would take 4-5 days to be de­liv­ered. That didn’t work for us and we con­tin­ued to Walvis Bay. The dealer there also couldn’t help, but re­ferred us to Greg’s Mo­tor Spares, who in turn sent us to Cy­mot Mi­das. Would you be­lieve it, they also couldn’t help but called around for some­one who could. And that’s how we got to Au­to­zone. There we fi­nally got the part but, I won­dered out loud, who could help us fit it? The man­ager came to our res­cue and reached out to one of their cus­tomers, a guy called Frank. The rope held the mech­a­nism to­gether for a good 1 000 km, and Frank re­placed it in 17 min­utes.

I would like to say thank you to ev­ery­one in Walvis Bay who as­sisted us. You are help­ful and kind and went out of your way. Thank you very much, you are such won­der­ful peo­ple.

GUSTAV BESTER Kokanje, Modi­molle

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