Rest is vi­tal on end­less ‘to do list’

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WE ARE all guilty of pack­ing our days with as many ac­tiv­i­ties as pos­si­ble, run­ning around to get as much done be­fore sun­set.

But have you stepped back re­cently and re­ally fo­cused on how your body has been feel­ing? Are you tired? Has it been ask­ing you to slow down?

from the Coast Well­ness Cen­tre in Bea­con Bay ex­plained the cost of not lis­ten­ing to your body and slow­ing down.

“What is your typ­i­cal re­sponse when your body tells you to slow down?

“The norm these days is to just push through the fa­tigue.

“Just have an ex­tra cup of cof­fee, eat some­thing sug­ary for a tem­po­rary boost, or drink a high-volt­age en­ergy drink, in­stead of just slow­ing down or rest­ing.

“Af­ter all, get­ting things done is more im­por­tant . . . at least that is what the ma­jor­ity of peo­ple think.

“If you are like most peo­ple, you will prob­a­bly con­tinue at your cur­rent pace in­stead of

Dr Choné Can­non

lis­ten­ing to your body.

“You might think tak­ing a break will be dis­as­trous be­cause you can’t even get things done at your nor­mal full-paced speed.”

One ques­tion to ask your­self, Can­non said is: “What would hap­pen to every­thing on your to-do list if you ended up in the hos­pi­tal?”

This is not a far-fetched ques­tion.

“If you push your body for long enough with­out rest, the chance that you will be­come ill is sig­nif­i­cantly raised.

“Would it re­ally mat­ter if you are un­able to get to ev­ery sin­gle task on your list?

“Would that com­mit­tee fall apart? Would some­one else pick up the gro­ceries, or make din­ner?

“View­ing all your com­mit­ments or tasks from this per­spec­tive will help you es­tab­lish just how crit­i­cal your per­sonal in­volve­ment is in the suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of it all.

“Many of us do not know how to del­e­gate or we sim­ply don’t want to. We just con­tin- ue say­ing yes to way too much.

“The world will not end if you take a break, or take a small va­ca­tion, or end up sick.

“You might be in a bit of a pickle try­ing to fig­ure out so­lu­tions to your ab­sen­teeism. But I bet that many of the things you ‘have to do’ could be done just as well or even bet­ter by some­one else.

“By spend­ing your life rush­ing from one thing to an­other, you of­ten do not have enough time to fo­cus on your­self.

“We re­ally shouldn’t be con­cerned about what we’ll miss out on by slow­ing down.

“Rather, we should worry about what we might miss out on by con­tin­u­ally push­ing our­selves.

“You need to stop for long enough for your body, heart or mind to tell you what they are long­ing to com­mu­ni­cate.”

It’s usu­ally far more im­por­tant than any ran­dom item on the eter­nal to-do list, Can­non said.


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