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Hang­ing, pack­ing and stor­age space There should be a closet with a few hang­ers where guests can hang their clothes. Stor­age space for suit­cases is a bonus.

Mir­ror Pro­vide a ful­l­length mir­ror if pos­si­ble – some peo­ple can­not do with­out one.

A fan & heat In ad­di­tion to enough blan­kets, pro­vide heaters, a fire­place or hot-wa­ter bot­tles. A fan is es­sen­tial in sum­mer.

Beds Buy the big­gest bed – prefer­ably ex­tralength – and the best mat­tress you can af­ford.

Bed­side ta­bles and lamps Look­ing at this il­lus­tra­tion, on which side of the bed would you like to sleep? Yes, place a bed­side ta­ble and a lamp on both sides. And the light switches should be easy to find and reach.

Bed­ding Buy only cot­ton bed­ding and re­mem­ber that the du­vet should al­ways be big­ger than the bed (that is, queen for a dou­ble, and so forth). The bed­ding should be spot­less and with­out any tears or stains. Pro­vide two proper pillows per guest, plus enough blan­kets.

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