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Here at Plat­te­land we were ex­cited to dis­cover th­ese new Cup a Ground cof­fee bags by Cof­fee Ex­cel­lence, which made us think of the cof­fee bag with which Gran used to make fil­ter cof­fee. With th­ese, you tear open the bag at the top, hook the card­board wings over the mug and slowly pour in the boil­ing wa­ter. And there you (or your self­ca­ter­ing guest) have it: a mug of freshly fil­tered cof­fee for just more than R4.

• R106 for a box of 25 or R422 for 100; the de­caf costs R113 and R450, re­spec­tively

cof­fee­ex­cel­ 016 422

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