Farm­ers and thugs

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Like many other read­ers, I awaited the ar­rival of another mag­a­zine with the hope that it would stand the test of our eco­nomic times… When you love the print medium, a lovely mag­a­zine like Plat­te­land with its ex­quis­ite blend of ar­ti­cles, chats and in­ter­est­ing stuff is an as­set in any home.

As I had to spend the past six weeks in a hos­pi­tal bed, I couldn’t wait for your win­ter is­sue. But, still, in my heart there’s a cer­tain hes­i­tance, as though I’m look­ing over my shoul­der… See, I was raised on a farm. My par­ents farmed out­side Vre­den­dal back when farm­ing was still a noble call­ing. Now, sadly, our farm­ers are the tar­gets of thugs.

I’ve al­ways har­boured a de­sire to farm, but that’s some­thing I no longer want to do. How does one farm and make a liv­ing when the lives of your loved ones are threat­ened?

And so, as I read Plat­te­land, I won­der how many other read­ers feel the same. How many would move to the plat­te­land if cir­cum­stances were dif­fer­ent in South Africa? How many kids are be­ing de­prived of a care­free ru­ral ex­is­tence as a re­sult? And will the wheel ever turn so these mis­eries can end?

Till then, thank you for an ex­cel­lent mag­a­zine. I will con­tinue to de­light in the plea­sure of read­ing it!

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