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In a time of cell­phones and computers and Xbox games, it may seem as if chil­dren play with noth­ing else any more – un­til the school hol­i­day starts…

When I cy­cle, as I do reg­u­larly, I find that I no­tice much more than when I’m in a car and sounds are more dis­tinct. The other day I cy­cled past a pond and saw a group of bare­foot boys play­ing kleilat. Bare arms and legs, hands cov­ered in mud, they screamed with laugh­ter as they tried to see who could sling the clay the fur­thest. A lit­tle fur­ther along was a group catch­ing fish. In a park there were bare­foot chil­dren play­ing on the slides and swings, shout­ing and yelling. Seated at a con­crete ta­ble was a group of women and chil­dren chat­ting, ev­ery­one dressed warmly in scarves and bean­ies – in con­trast to the ac­tive, noisy chil­dren.

I found it amaz­ing to see that these chil­dren still love play­ing bare­foot. It took me back to a time when tech­nol­ogy was much sim­pler, but I also saw it as proof that child­hood to­day is not that dif­fer­ent to what we ex­pe­ri­enced.

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