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Har­vest­ing honey is hard work: the sun beats down on you, your bee suit is sti­fling, you have to pro­duce smoke, the bees are grumpy and stressed – and that’s be­fore you even start spin­ning the frames to ex­tract the honey cen­trifu­gally.

But the su­per-clever Flow Hive, de­vel­oped by Aus­tralian father-and­son team Stu­art and Cedar An­der­son, means the blood, sweat and tears are his­tory: you sim­ply need to turn a lever in or­der to open the hon­ey­comb cells so the honey can drain through a tube at the back of the hive – di­rectly into a drum or jar – while the bees con­tinue work­ing undis­turbed. Turn the lever back and the hon­ey­comb cells will be re­set so the bees can re­fill them. The bee­keeper doesn’t even have to keep an eye on the process – just col­lect your bowl of honey an hour later! What’s more, the sides of the frames, which also fit into con­ven­tional hives, have trans­par­ent ends that of­fer a win­dow through which you can check whether your bees are still healthy and happy, and when the hon­ey­comb is full.

Flow Hives cost a hefty R4 600 to R9 800 for one, and are cur­rently not avail­able in South Africa, but Plat­te­land con­tacted them and they will ship or­ders to South Africa.

To or­der one, send an email to info@hon­eyflow.com – the web­site is not set up for or­ders from South Africa. hon­eyflow.com hon­eyflow.com.au

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