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If you have a spare week­end, you could knock to­gether a very ba­sic com­post­ing toi­let in your garage us­ing lit­tle more than a few pieces of ply­wood or shut­ter­ply to cre­ate a ba­sic box shape (nat­u­rally, it will need an ap­pro­pri­ately large hole cut out of the top), a toi­let seat and a large bucket. Add a suit­able en­clo­sure (an un­used tool shed might work; just add a ven­ti­la­tion pipe) and a bag of saw­dust, and off you go.

A high-set seat will ac­com­mo­date a larger waste re­cep­ta­cle, so you may want to build a big­ger box and at­tach one or two steps for easy ac­cess to the seat. Es­ti­mated cost: about R300. If you have scrap tim­ber in the garage, the cost may come down to al­most zero.

If you’re not squea­mish, aes­thet­ics is not an is­sue, and your yen is for sim­plic­ity, you could forgo the box and set­tle for a toi­let seat fixed to a large bucket or un­wanted com­mode, with a bag of saw­dust on the side. When the bucket is full, trans­fer it to an­other re­cep­ta­cle for the next stage of the com­post­ing process, and start over. Yes, it could be that easy.

If, how­ever, you have the pa­tience to wait for an Ama­zon de­liv­ery from the United States, con­sider buy­ing a pro­fusely il­lus­trated and in­for­ma­tive vol­ume called The Hu­ma­nureHand­book:AGuideto Com­post­ingHu­manMa­nure by Joseph C Jenk­ins (it costs about R260 and yes, Ama­zon will ship it to South Africa). The book con­tains de­tailed plans that will speed you on your way. If you would pre­fer to go the on­line route, have a look at the Com­post Junkie web­site for equally com­pelling step-by-step plans ( com­­post­ing­toi­let-plans.html).

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