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Noth­ing beats the taste of herbs you’ve just picked in your own gar­den. And it’s so easy with your free packet of Gar­den Mas­ter seed.

Gar­den Mas­ter’s range of easy-to-grow seed makes grow­ing your own a breeze. The col­lec­tion in­cludes 28 veg­etable, seven herb and 11 flower va­ri­eties, but thanks to the hype cre­ated by lo­cal and in­ter­na­tional TV cook­ing pro­grammes, it comes as no sur­prise that herbs are the fastest-sell­ing seed cat­e­gory.

What herbs want • LIGHT

All seven easy-to-grow va­ri­eties in Gar­den Mas­ter’s herb seed range pre­fer a sunny, shel­tered po­si­tion in the gar­den, although pars­ley and chives also do well in semi-shade. In­door pots should be in a po­si­tion that en­joys bright light but not di­rect sun­light.

All herb types like welldrain­ing neu­tral-to-al­ka­line soil en­riched with com­post and well-rot­ted ma­nure.

Herbs need reg­u­lar wa­ter­ing, but never over­wa­ter or let them dry out com­pletely.

Light ap­pli­ca­tions of a


liq­uid or­ganic fer­tiliser will help keep your herb seedlings green and grow­ing strong. Start us­ing this two weeks af­ter ger­mi­na­tion.

How to sow & grow

Your free packet of Gar­den Mas­ter herb seed can be planted al­most any­time of the year in frost-free ar­eas. (In frost ar­eas, plant­ing in win­ter months is best avoided.)

The seeds can be sown out­doors or in­doors in seed trays or pots, on the win­dowsill or even di­rectly into the bed (and then thinned out when the plants are a few cen­time­tres high). Fol­low the clear plant­ing in­struc­tions pro­vided on the back of the seed packet.

Trans­plant your herb seedlings once they are too large for their pots. Har­den plants off be­fore plant­ing them out­doors or mov­ing the pots out­side.

Find the Gar­den Mas­ter range at Builders, Game and Makro. Visit gar­den­mas­ter.co.za or call

0861 464 636 to find out more.

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