A li­brary chair be­side the fire for cosy down-time (it’s just you and your books this win­ter)

In win­ter when it’s icy cold and gar­den­ing is not a pri­or­ity, you have more time to set­tle in front of the fire­place with a good book. In this chair you can curl up com­fort­ably and have your books close in your own lit­tle li­brary.


We up­hol­stered our chair and gave it a lick of paint. Turn to page 3 for the in­for­ma­tion.

A The base

Cut four 636mm lengths and four 680mm lengths of pine. Use a cor­ner clamp and glue, and screw the end of one short piece onto one long piece at a 90º an­gle us­ing 50mm screws. (If you do not have a cor­ner clamp, ask some­one to as­sist you.) Be sure to screw the broader side of the longer piece to the nar­row end of the short piece. Screw an­other short piece in the same way to the other end of the longer piece. Now screw a long piece onto the “open” ends of the two short pieces to form a square frame. Re­peat the process to make a sec­ond frame. Cut four 360mm lengths of pine. Glue and screw them to the inside cor­ners of your two frames to build a crate without sides. (At­tach the broad sides of the 360mm pieces to the broader [680mm] sides of your two frames so the new screws don’t make con­tact with the screws hold­ing the frame to­gether.) Tak­ing the two 1 000mm x 1 000mm pieces of Su­paWood, mea­sure and draw pen­cil lines 160mm in from the four edges (with the lines cross­ing in the cor­ners). You should have a pen­cilled square in the cen­tre of each Su­paWood piece. Glue and screw the frame you built onto the square on one Su­paWood piece us­ing 50mm screws.

Use the 160mm shelf pieces as a guide to keep the frame steady while you work.

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