We’ve got your back, whether you’re a hiker who needs light­weight culi­nary equip­ment or a day trip­per look­ing to kit your­self out for a pic­nic.


Out­door cook­ing gear and cut­lery for a long hike or a day-trip braai.

1 Jet­boil MiniMo Stove

If you just want to boil wa­ter for in­stant cof­fee and maybe re­hy­drate a freeze-dried meal then any stove will do. But if you want fine sim­mer con­trol so you can cook more com­plex, bet­ter-tast­ing meals, you should check out a Jet­boil. The MiniMo is good for a solo meal – there’s a big­ger ver­sion if you’ll be cook­ing for two or more peo­ple. Weight: 415g Di­men­sions (folded): 152 mm x 127 mm x 127 mm R3 250 at ram­moun­

2 Vango Hawthorn Table

If you’ve ever camped in mud or snow, you’ll prob­a­bly have wished for a clean, flat sur­face to pre­pare your meals on. This ul­tra-com­pact alu­minium table has a non-slip sur­face so your plate won’t slide off and af­ter sup­per it makes a nice bed­side table in your tent. It packs away quite small and comes with its own carry bag. Weight: 760 g Di­men­sions (packed): 400 mm x 90 mm x 65 mm R500 at ram­moun­

3 Blue Sky Spork­tac­u­lar 2.0

Why use a spork? Sim­ple: It saves weight by com­bin­ing three uten­sils into one. This over­sized ver­sion has a ser­rated edge on the fork end, which is fine for cut­ting fruit and vegetables but not great for saw­ing through meat. It might not be the most elegant eat­ing uten­sil, but it’s BPA free and dish­washer safe. Weight: 20 g Di­men­sions: 260 mm x 25 mm x 15 mm R50 at Cape Union Mart

4 Leather­man Juice S2

Hunters and sur­vival­ists might need com­pli­cated mul­ti­tools, but a reg­u­lar hiker doesn’t need any­thing too fancy. The 12 tools you’ll find in this Leather­man will solve pretty much any prob­lem you’ll en­counter on the trail. There are pli­ers, scis­sors, wire cut­ters, a blade, screw­drivers, a can opener and a bot­tle opener. It’s a com­pact mul­ti­tool and rel­a­tively light­weight. Weight: 145 g Di­men­sions (folded): 820 mm x 310 mm x 135 mm R1 350 at Cape Union Mart

5 GSI Javamill

Few things are as pleas­ing as the smell of cof­fee waft­ing through the early morn­ing air. This tiny grinder is made from BPA-free plas­tic and var­i­ous metal al­loys. The cof­fee beans are crushed by a ce­ramic burr, rather than diced by metal blades, which de­liv­ers bet­ter flavour ac­cord­ing to the ex­perts. Weight: 265 g Di­men­sions: 160 mm x 51 mm x 64 mm R695 at ram­moun­

6 360° 2-per­son Cook­ing Set

This nest­ing set con­tains two pots and a fry­ing pan, which also dou­bles as a lid for the larger pot. Also in­cluded are two plas­tic cups and two small­ish bowls. Ev­ery­thing straps to­gether snugly so you won’t hear clang­ing em­a­nat­ing from your back­pack in the Fish River Canyon. Weight: 620 g Di­men­sions (packed): 200 mm x 120 mm R700 at Out­door Ware­house

7 Sea to Sum­mit X-pot

This 2,8-litre col­lapsi­ble pot has two sil­i­cone han­dles so you can pick it up when it’s hot. The han­dles can also fold over to se­cure the lid, which is great if you ac­ci­den­tally bump the pot over with your pre­cious din­ner in­side. The alu­minium base heats up rapidly and cools down just as quickly so you won’t melt a big round hole in your ground­sheet. Weight: 350 g Di­men­sions (folded): 215 mm x 37 mm R995 at Out­door Ware­house and drifter­sad­ven­ture­cen­

8 TrailBoss Xplorer Lantern

A head­lamp is a bril­liant in­ven­tion, but a sta­tion­ary lantern is like a bea­con in the dark. This one’s LED lights are miserly at con­sum­ing power and the legs fold in, al­low­ing the lantern to col­lapse into a hand­held torch. The 130 lu­mens won’t be bright enough to il­lu­mi­nate your en­tire camp­site, but it does a firstrate job at light­ing up your tent. Weight: 320 g Di­men­sions (folded): 150 mm x 80 mm R160 at Out­door Ware­house

9 GSI Glacier Stainless 6-cup Per­co­la­tor

Nested in­side this pot is a per­co­la­tor bas­ket, which you can load up with as much cof­fee as you can han­dle. Heat the pot slowly to avoid your brew turn­ing into tar and keep an eye on the trans­par­ent han­dle: Af­ter 10 min­utes or so, the perc will turn dark brown and bub­ble up about once ev­ery two sec­onds. You can also re­move the per­co­la­tor bas­ket to brew tea. Neat! Weight: 568 g Di­men­sions: 203 mm x 124 mm x 163 mm R715 at ram­moun­

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