If go! had honorary rangers, reader Oosie Mar­in­cowitz would be head ranger. Since 2007, he’s been com­pil­ing a list of all the places fea­tured in our sis­ter mag­a­zine Weg. Ten years and 156 is­sues later, Oosie’s In­dex is an in­valu­able re­source for the ed­ito

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We of­ten get queries from read­ers about sto­ries pub­lished in ear­lier is­sues. “We’re go­ing to Namibia and we can’t re­mem­ber which is­sue had that ar­ti­cle about Sos­susvlei…” Mag­a­zine pub­lish­ing is some­times a hap­haz­ard busi­ness and we should have had an ar­chive go­ing from the be­gin­ning, but we didn’t. Luck­ily, a re­tired agri­cul­tural con­sul­tant from Jon­gens­fontein in the South­ern Cape has been do­ing the work for us. For a decade! His Ex­cel spread­sheet was ini­tially for per­sonal use. “I like to travel,” he says. “Even in the be­gin­ning, when I only had a stack of 20 or so mag­a­zines, I would have a hard time find­ing a story about a spe­cific des­ti­na­tion. So I started a list. I’ve found that the in­for­ma­tion dates well – it’s mostly just the rates that change.” Oosie has a com­plete col­lec­tion of Weg mag­a­zines, from the very first is­sue. He tells us that he stores his mag­a­zines in a big cup­board in his garage and he only has two open shelves left. He and his wife Alta’s favourite des­ti­na­tions in­clude the Ceder­berg, the West Coast and the Richtersveld. Years ago, Oosie kindly made his spread­sheet avail­able to us and we’ve shared it with many other read­ers, too. It has be­come an im­por­tant edi­to­rial plan­ning tool and has helped lots of peo­ple plan mem­o­rable hol­i­days of their own. Al­though the con­tent in go! is sim­i­lar to the con­tent in Weg, there have been times when we’ve run dif­fer­ent fea­tures, or changed the fo­cus of a cer­tain story. Sadly, no ar­chive ex­ists for the sto­ries pub­lished in go! – or maybe one does… Have you been work­ing on some­thing like this over the years? Do you know of some­one who has? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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