Sacri­fi­cial lamb

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Early one morn­ing in Madikwe Game Re­serve, I fol­lowed two lions un­til they came across a herd of im­pala. The lions stalked the an­te­lope with lit­tle suc­cess. Just as they were about to give up, a baby steen­bok jumped from the veg­e­ta­tion. One of the lions caught the lamb and car­ried it in her mouth like a cub, with­out killing it. It was al­most as if the cats were try­ing to lure the steen­bok’s mother out us­ing the poor lamb’s bleat­ing. The mother steen­bok did in­deed ap­pear min­utes later and the lions tried to catch her, but she man­aged to es­cape. The lamb wasn’t as lucky… AJ SNYMAN, Johannesburg

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