Gerda En­gel­brecht is the master­mind be­hind our pop­u­lar spe­cial edi­tion go! Puz­zles. She’s mad about cross­words and she even owns crossword-print py­ja­mas. True story!

go! - - Ed’s Letter -

Igrew up in a crossword-crazy home. Ev­ery week when my mom got her lat­est Huisgenoot, she’d stay up late to fin­ish the crossword. I started work­ing at Huisgenoot in 2011 and I quickly put up my hand to be the ed­i­tor of their bian­nual crossword book. I’m a book­worm my­self and I was soon ad­dicted to play­ing with words. Now I com­pile about a thou­sand crossword puz­zles a year. Some­times, when I go on hol­i­day, I tell my­self to take a break. But by the sec­ond day I can’t help switch­ing on my com­puter. I also still en­joy do­ing cross­words – mostly in English be­cause English is my sec­ond lan­guage and I want to im­prove my vo­cab­u­lary. Cross­words re­main pop­u­lar in South Africa and I’ve re­ceived com­pli­men­tary let­ters from a range of peo­ple: young and old, home­mak­ers and pro­fes­sion­als. In New York, more than a thou­sand peo­ple gather ev­ery year to com­pete in the The New York Times crossword puz­zle tour­na­ment. I at­tended it once – it was like go­ing down the rab­bit hole into a dif­fer­ent world. One woman walked around in crossword py­ja­mas and no one bat­ted an eye. (It wasn’t me, I prom­ise, but I or­dered mine soon af­ter!) Long af­ter the last cell­phone has been re­placed by a chip in your chin, peo­ple will still open a mag­a­zine, sharpen a pen­cil and fill in a crossword. Hope­fully one that I have cre­ated!

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