The one that got away

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QZIES VAN ZYL from Van­der­bi­jl­park writes: My wife Tina and I re­cently vis­ited the Kgala­gadi Trans­fron­tier Park for the first time. Near the Kij-Kij wa­ter­hole, we saw a li­on­ess stalk­ing wilde­beest. A jackal ap­proached, un­aware of the lion. The lion no­ticed the jackal right away, charged and tried to catch it, but didn’t suc­ceed. Is this com­mon be­hav­iour?

AWildlife ex­pert LD VAN ESSEN says: Lions view all other preda­tors, big or small, as com­pe­ti­tion and some in­di­vid­u­als have less tol­er­ance for com­peti­tors than oth­ers. I don’t think the be­hav­iour of this li­on­ess had any­thing to do with food. There could have been cubs nearby, which might ex­plain her level of ag­gres­sion.

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