How to avoid tear­ing a pelt from the tee

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Contents 12/ 14 - ByTomStick­ney

Tak­ing div­ots on the tee box? Leave some sod for us.

hen you take a mon­ster divot with your driver, the best re­ac­tions don’t come from the guys you’re play­ing with. It’s the groups be­hind you: “Whoa, look at this trench.” Or “Holy crap, who did this?” Or my favourite,

W“No way this fool should be play­ing the back tees.”

The driver chunk comes from try­ing to mur­der the ball. When you lunge at it with your arms and shoul­ders from the top, you’re all out of se­quence. The up­per body moves in front of the ball, and all you can do is crash the club into the ground.

Start down by shift­ing your lower body to­wards the tar­get. You’re mak­ing a swing here, not chop­ping wood. So go easy from the top, Paul Bun­yan, and keep your head be­hind the ball.

Then, when you hear, “D’you see the pelt some guy took on 9?” You can say, “Yeah, what a hack.”

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