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My late fa­ther, Ray, a good player who be­lieved in the fun­da­men­tals, gave me my first golf lessons when I was 6. I’ve passed them on in our Kansas City ju­nior pro­grammes for years. Here are my three main lessons, keep­ing it sim­ple:


Take your grip so that the creases be­tween the thumbs and in­dex fin­gers point to the right shoul­der (for right-handed golfers). You can’t square the club­face and hit it straight with­out a good grip.


Keep your head still. My dad ac­tu­ally used to hold my head while I made swings to keep it steady. The goal here is mak­ing solid con­tact.


Fin­ish the swing with your belly­but­ton fac­ing the tar­get and all of your weight on your front foot. A proper weight shift adds power to the shot.

Come to think of it, this isn’t just good ad­vice for ju­nior golfers. We should all be pay­ing at­ten­tion to fun­da­men­tals like th­ese.

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