Stronger Fore­arms

You can’t smash the ball with­out them

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - The Golf Life - — RON KASPRISKE

Power gen­er­a­tion in a good golf swing comes from a num­ber of mus­cle groups: the legs, core, back mus­cles, etc. But un­less you have ad­e­quate fore­arm strength, you won’t be able to trans­mit the force cre­ated by those mus­cles into the club and ball, says Golf Di­gest fit­ness ad­vi­sor Randy My­ers.

“You’ll also strug­gle to set the club cor­rectly dur­ing the back­swing or re­lease it through im­pact,” he says.

One warn­ing sign that you lack suf­fi­cient fore­arm strength is how tightly you grip the club. Eigh­teen of the 35 mus­cles that con­trol hand move­ments orig­i­nate in the fore­arms. In many in­stances, a tight grip means those mus­cles are over­matched.

You should also be able to pronate and supinate your fore­arms, My­ers says. Try this test: Ex­tend your fore­arms while keep­ing the up­per arms and el­bows rest­ing against the sides of your torso. With your hands clenched and thumbs up, try to ro­tate your fore­arms so the palm of each hand is fac­ing straight up. Then ro­tate them un­til the palms are fac­ing down. If you strug­gle ac­com­plish­ing ei­ther or feel like you of­ten hold the club too tightly, My­ers pre­scribes th­ese ex­er­cises ( right).

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