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Almost ev­ery player who comes to my schools has to learn to draw the ball to im­prove. That usu­ally means start­ing back more to the inside. I like the club­head a lit­tle more inside than the hands when the shaft gets par­al­lel to the ground. At that point, the face should be tilted down a touch – the toe not quite straight up.

As you con­tinue back, make sure your wrists are hing­ing. At half­way, you should have a 90-de­gree an­gle be­tween your arm and the shaft. Play­ers ob­sessed with swing­ing back wide – a popular tip to­day – of­ten don’t get a full hinge, which you need for power and ac­cu­racy.

To turn bet­ter, feel like you’re stretch­ing your front shoul­der be­hind the ball. And stay re­laxed. See Lexi ( left): She’s fully back but doesn’t look rigid. The worst move is to grip tighter or lunge for­ward as you start down.

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